Taliban to writers and poets, Mar 31, 2021

Taliban to writers and poets, Mar 31, 2021
Taliban publish a special message to Afghan writers and poets with call to piety.

Message “to Writers and Poets”

It is clear that different professional and non-professional groups and communities have a role to play in each society. Each group bears its share and measure of responsibility for the successes and failures of its society, because it is weighed on the scales of higher responsibility. some groups were accused of the decline of their societies because their mentorship was able to revive dead hopes, inspire them with the righteous spirit of uprising and revolution, give them the ability to distinguish black from white and force them to choose between black and white, but it turned out too slow and unable to perform their duties, so they could not make the right course of their nation.

I cannot say anything about the responsibilities of each group, but once I addressed our fellow writers and poets, I wrote only a few lines in the hope that they would understand their role in success, in their further development and responsibility. It is with great pleasure that I can spend a few hours in my garden, mixing soft and very bold words with fragrant winds in the world of higher secrets, next to such sweet for every heart, soothing and tearful eyes.

I will never dictate to my fellow writers and poets what to do and what not to do, because dictation is the highest prerogative of the commander, and I consider it their right to be free, independent and prosperous according to their wishes, fantasies, the vagaries and accidents of life. Live a full life, but call black is black and white is white, use your talents and strength to instill a happy spirit of new life in the inanimate body of society.

At each critical stage, many people appear who want to act as a poet or writer and glorify their names by testing their fingers on the lute arts; but the piety of the pen, which is a feature of our society, unfortunately, many of the poets are deprived.

Those who are truly devoted to their pen remain devoted to piety. Every word and phrase in their poems and prose is often nourished by the scent of bloody roses, the cold fluctuations of aspirations, the suffocation of pain and the rain of tears. And it reappears in the form of lyrics, poetry, ode, fable, story or novel.

It is worth noting to poets that when a nation's ability to survive is lost, their poetry and literature become opium for the people; the poets and writers of the surviving peoples pave the way for the progress of their nation. Others become torches, and their words from time to time are able to breathe life even into the dead.

But to call good the hands that killed people to death, calling them "clean," to give the murderers the right to be proud of the name of the Democrats and to tire of their pride, is to be considered a great betrayal and a crime that we define as literary. No white spots will ever be able to mask black spots.

In times of prosperity, reassurance and rest, it would not be a cause for concern or disappointment if people were interested in subtle jokes and humor. But at a time when fires and destruction are raging in the country, the love of grace and admiration for jokers, descriptions of hearty food, beautiful mullahs with big eyes and black hair should be considered as ignorance and stupidity, which connoisseurs and followers of the literary genre will probably avoid.

There will be many writers whose power of great power, strong pen, and effective language will change everything, but without following the principles of authorship, one will consider his work only for the purpose of criticizing it, because it is in itself. Writing does not preserve the piety of the pen, so writing, poetry and rhyme, in my opinion, are intertwined in a coil of words, when the pen of the writer and the poet adheres to the limits of piety.

There will be many writers whose power of great talent, strong pen, and effective language will be able to change everything; but without looking at the author's face, people will read the works critically, because the work will live its own life. What is written does not preserve the virtues of the pen, so prose, poetry or song, in my opinion, are woven into the general lace of our words only when the pen of the writer and the poet adheres to the limits of piety.

Mullah Nassim-Zade, March 31, 2021