Multilateral Clashes in Kunar, Afghanistan

Multilateral Clashes in Kunar, Afghanistan

Heavy clashes erupted between Afghan & Pakistani forces in Oct, 27-29, 2019 when Afghan forces blocked Pakistani forces from building outpost on zero-point border area in Nari district of Kunar province.

Afgan Army commandos have captured 4 Pakistan posts and pushed Pakistani Army behind Durand Line. 9 Pakistani troops and 2 Afghan troops reportedly killed in a skirmish on Durand Line in Nari area of Kunar province. Pakistani troops retreated from zero point.

In October 28-29, 2019 anti-Pakistan protests were staged in Kabul regarding border war in Kunar. Tribal militia deployed on the frontier in Kunar during border clashes.

At the same time a war between Taliban and ISIS Khorasan Province (ISKP) goes on in central and southern Kunar. ISKP commander Abu Hamza was reportedly killed. Didn't specified where, but probably in Chawkay district. ISKP also claimed attack on Taliban patrol in Chawkay district of Kunar.

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