Events / Conferences


SAPEA Conference “Science advice under pressure"

27–28 April 2022, Brussels

Taking the Heat Off: Outcomes from the Alliance SAPEA workshop"

EU SD Alliance and DLR-PT organized a hybrid workshop at the SAPEA Conference: Science Advice und Pressure “Taking the Heat Off – Science Diplomacy’s Role in Times of Urgency,” Brussels, 28.04.2022.


European Geoscience Union General Assembly

2019, Vienna, April, 7-12, 2019


On the application of communication models in approaches to socio-environmental risks minimization”

by Yuriy Kostyuchenko, Maxim Yuschenko, and Ilya Kravchuk

at Session EOS5.2 “Geoethics: ethical, social and cultural implications of geoscience knowledge, education, communication, research and practice”.


Terrorism and Social Media Conference

2019, 25-26 June 2019 - Swansea University, Wales, UK



  • Radical and extremist use of social media in a conflict between Russian Federation and Ukraine
    by Viktor Pushkar
    at Panel 1B “The online/offline nexus”, and
  • On the methodology of application of the stochastic methods of analysis of big data from social networks to control of indicators of the violent behaviour
    by Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko, Viktor Pushkar, Maxim Yuschenko and Olga Malysheva
    at Panel 5D “Computer-assisted methods and studies”.

Young Journalists Summer School of “The Day” Newspaper

2019, July 1-26, Kyiv, Ukraine
Lecture on Crisis anthropology & communications by Dr. Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko

Lecture on Crisis anthropology & communications by Dr. Yuriy V. Kostyuchenko, July 19, 2019