War graffiti

War graffiti
During the Russian-Ukrainian war 2022, Russian soldiers make varied graphic artefacts in the occupied Ukrainian territories. These graffiti are very interesting from the viewpoint of cultural anthropology and social psychology.
Messages of Russian soldiers, probably, demonstrate few important motivative drivers:
  1. chronic feelings of resentment towards the whole world and deep frustration in one's own life,
  2. aggression, hate and violence as a routine way of life, and as the revenge for a wasted life,
  3. chronic guilt, which is compensated by secondary aggression.
Besides, some assumptions on the spatial distribution and social status of the invaders may be concluded.
“Airborne troops!
For the boys!
From the Tambov brigade of the Main Intelligence Directorate”


“Bandera fuck up!”
“Azov sucking on the bottom!
Ukrainians are buggers!”
“Russia is our loving country!!!"


“This is the order, sorry”
“Well, son, did these Poles help you?
Taras Bulba”


“Guys let's be friends!”
““Sorry, we didn't want this war!
Brothers Slavs, you are being deceived!
War is bad, do not fight, children!”


“Glory to the race!”
Russian hooligan
“Ukrops are goofs, schmucks, and buggers!”
“Russians don't give up!”



“Let the one who doubts our peacefulness choke with blood,
because our mercy will be merciless”


“I hear the call to fuck Azov”
“Elon Musk fuck you”

Zaporizhzhia region

"Stavropol, Udmurtia, Ufa”
“Russia wants peace”
“Dear children, when you return to this school, know that not a single shell that hit this building was fired from the territory of the Russian Federation, nor was it fired from a mortar of Russian servicemen. and we did not take a 120-mm mortar with us.
your "Russian occupant", 03/30/2022”